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I went online to education anmd i wanted to look at online criimology collages and mthey wouldnt let me liook at them so now im pissed off and i am never going on that website again because it was very fresturating for me.the website uis very unclear and confusing!

i dont recomed using education connection because it was ery in convinant for me and my brother for looking in to a carreer in new york i wouldnt recomend education for people who are looking for a degree in online collage.I didnt enjoy my tme on their website at all.


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Sweetie, perhaps you should look into a rudimentary English class before attempting "criimology collage".

to sessa #896468

Leave her alone.How do you know English is her first language?

She probably wrote this the best she could at the time. Why do English speakers act like their language is the world's easiest and anybody who doesn't have it down perfectly are idiots? Regardless if this is her first language or not, just because you speak it well doesn't mean everyone else should and that no one can be flawed. You guys act like when someone has imperfect grammar then it's a personal attack on you and you make it all about YOU and how YOU hate to see someone's "bad English".

You don't know what kind of struggles they have, but of course you'll say anything because you can't get punched through the internet(in other words, you can say what you want because you are protected behind the internet's "invisible shield", regardless if you are using your real name and account or not).Let's see you learn a language and then get put down by its native speakers every single time you make a mistake.(say whatever you want in return, nitpick my grammar and call me names or whatever if you want, but I was gonna stick up for him regardless.)

to sessa #1029320

You are a ***!Maybe you need to take a socialogy course and learn how to be better with people.

That was complete unnecessary to down someone's grammar and make such a degrading comment. You should feel really bad about that comment. This is not high school and in the real world, the snarky comments and rudness is frowned upon, it does not make you cool or funny. So you sit behind your computer screen and really think on the type of person you are.

Is this what you want to be perceived as?Remember you catch more bees with honey.

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