I actually tried out this...company, and one of the first things they asked AFTER asking what field of study I was interested in [Electrical/Mechanical engineering] they asked what I would take as a second, in the case that was unavailable. Not a completely unreasonable request, but a little odd that a group claiming to be affiliated with schools nation wide could not find such a popular and common field.

They ended up transferring my call to an online-only school that offered degrees in technology, but NOTHING in engineering.

So after going through the general rigmarole [careful not to give any too specific information, of course] they had "matched" me with a school completely unrelated to my interests. I highly recommend avoiding this group, do your own research, and contact schools you are interested in yourself.

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It is because the online schools are what they are after mostly trade schools are hard to find


Most of those agencies are similar. Research yourself and go to the local state or city colleges and career centers ask them for help.

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